Case Study: 20ft Speed-Forma CG2000XL

Speed-Forma CG2000XL vs 16ft Laser Bucket

Wayne Andreazza has run a 200 hectare farm in Wilbriggy, NSW for the past 30 years. Wayne farms a variety of cotton and other crops. Wayne uses Trevor Warr to do his land-forming and is among the first of Trevor’s customers to experience the difference the Speed-Forma CG2000XL makes to his operation.

We approached Wayne as the Grower after Trevor had completed his land-forming to get a better understanding of the benefits to the grower.

Some of the key points of interest

  • Finishing speed and accuracy – The CG2000XL will finish around 21 Acres per hour to a blue top certified finish.
  • Extra pass elimination – Wayne found he could plant directly into the finished surface without the need to till the ground.
  • Low ground pressure – improves the quality of the finish by not leaving heavy compaction marks from wheels.


Speed-Forma CG2000XL

CG2000XL is 6.2m wide and in this case towed at 14kph.

The Maths: 6.2 x 14000 = 86,800m² or 8.68 Hectares per hour. (21.4 Acres per hour)



A 16ft (4.877m) Laser Bucket at 8kph.

The Maths: 4.877 x 8000 = 39,016m² or 3.9 Hectares per hour. (9.6 Acres per hour)


The result speaks for themselves with the Speed Forma CG2000XL able to cover twice the area in the same amount of time! Add to this that the Speed Forma is also capable of preparing your seed bed at the same time taking away the need to scarifier or till the lasered surface prior to planting.

Savings per 8 Hectares of Coverage

Laser Minutes Saved
Tillage Minutes Saved
Dollars Saved
Litres Saved

S/Forma 8 Hectares = 55 minutes
16ft Laser Bucket = 120 minutes

Savings = 65 minutes

8 Hectares Tilling (No Longer Req)
6m @ 10 Kph

Savings per 8 Hectares = 78 minutes

Worked on $220 per hour + Fuel
Fuel calculated @ $1 per Litre

Money Saved Per 8 Hectares = $732

Worked on 50L per hour
Per 8 Hectares of Coverage

Fuel Saved = 135 Litres

Our customer, Trevor Warr has worked with Laser Buckets for most of his life and has run his own land-forming business for 30 years. Trevor has been using the legendary 16ft Laser Buckets to do all his polishing. We introduced him to our 20ft Speed-Forma CG2000 early last year and he was immediately impressed with the performance and have answered his additional carrying capacity needs with our latest creation the Speed Forma CG2000XL, Trevor has expressed his appreciation of the Speed-Forma’s capability, build quality and our customer committal.

Thank you Trevor, really appreciate having you as a proud Speed-Forma owner.


Testimonial – Trevor Warr

Testimonial – Wayne Andreazza


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