Speed Forma – Australian Designed and Manufactured

Speed-Forma is a revolutionary product that has been designed and built to help you  Improve your Landforming Efficiency.

The more efficiently we maintain our flood irrigation paddocks and form our dryland into a better yielding asset the greater the gain. The design, size and capacity of the machines is a choice match with the technology we use today, this allows us to maximize the benefit of the technology.

Speed-Forma also allows you to keep soil compaction to a minimum while landforming by reducing your in paddock traffic and also by using equipment better suited to the job and lighter in weight.

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Optional accessory’s include

  • Fully adjustable Hydraulic Rippers
  • End tow for Transport
  • Hungry boards
  • On-board Guidance valves
Speed Forma

Speed-Forma – Australian Landforming Equipment

Designed to improve the efficiency of landforming by increasing travel speed and coverage width while reducing the amount of earth you need to move with first class leveling technology “Large capacity Scoops have their place of cause…what we do is reduce your landforming job by design and the provide you with the equipment to implement it in the most efficient way”

Australian designed and supported Control Software

Speed-Forma GPS is gaining market-share among land- levelling contractors due to its ease-of-use, wealth of features, and highly accurate and reliable GPS. With the ability to fully leverage the equipment by adding auto-steer, variable rate and spray control options has also enhanced its appeal. With the addition of economical cross-leveling at a fraction of the cost of alternative systems Speed-Forma GPS will make it even easier for contractors to complete jobs in record time, at an industry-leading cost, and with impressive precision.

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Design Solutions and Software – Move up to 80% less Dirt!

We will work with you to achieve the ultimate result whether you want us to supply you with software for in house design of your paddocks or you want us to help you arrange it using your local consultants

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“The simple design and the serviceability of the Speed-Forma appealed to us…..we find it performs even better at speed which is great”

Nut Farmer, Griffith, NSW

“I’ve got to say I was sceptical about the Speed-Forma GPS and the size of the CG800 machine to do our landforming, and when we started using it in the field I really didn’t think we were moving enough soil to fix our wet areas‎, but we have proved the machine’s capability and the results are very rewarding”

Mark, Turf Farmer, Manila NSWMark, Turf Farmer, Manila NSW


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